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Conntact Customer Service Numbers
Get in touch with those difficult to get hold of customer service telephone numbers with our online directory you can find them all in one place.

Direct Number
The best place to find that difficult to get hold of customer service telephone number, with all the major businesses in one place.

TTNC - The Telephone Number Company
TTNC Ltd is an Ofcom regulated Telecoms Network Operator and one of the UK's leading suppliers of telephone numbers and inbound call management services to both businesses and individuals.

Mitel Phone Systems
Armstrong Communications PLC are one of the UK's leading authorised Mitel resellers.

Phone Answering and Virtual Office Services In The UK.
Kendlebell is a national company who offer a Personal Telephone Answering Service specialising in providing all the key service elements for companies who need a virtual office.

Analysys Ltd.
Analysys is a global telecoms consultancy/research company. Areas of speciality include wireless networking, wireless broadband uk, public sector broadband, broadband analysis, GPRS, VoIP, WLAN (wireless networking), and tariff optimisation. Provides strategy and systems consultancy and market intelligence services..

EPC Services UK Ltd
EPC are telecoms consultants offering telecommunications, and IT consultancy and project management to clients on a global basis. We also stock a range of pbx phone systems, new and refursbished handsets, headsets, voice pbx, captaris voice systems.

Intercai Mondiale UK Ltd
Working with technology, media, telecommunications and manufacturing companies and public sector organisations..

Telecom consultants UK
Independent Telecom Consultants UK offer telecom solutions to corporates with high call spends, offers Least Cost Routing, 0800, 0845 and 0870 products from tier one networks.