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Mortgages for the Self Employed
A specialist firm of friendly mortgage advisers who concentrate on helping self employed people.

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We offer a range of products to choose from. If you’d like to compare our mortgage rates, or are looking for a great mortgage rate visit Barclays to help you find the mortgage that’s right for you.

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We offer UK mortgages and life insurance products as well as remortgages at great rates to get you the best deal.

Bad Credit Mortgage UK
Provides mortgage quotes for UK homeowners with blemishes on their credit history. Secure online quotes.

Mortgages Directory

This is probably one of the busiest times ever experienced by the UK mortgage industry. The housing price boom that is scaring the economic analysts simply means a regular increase in business for the mortgage lender and the mortgage broker. It is also a good time for the consumer - as the mortgage market gets more competitive it is becoming easier to find the best mortgage rate and best mortgage deal to suit individual needs. One of the most popular mortgage areas at the moment is the buy to let mortgage sector. People are not confident about relying on the stock market to safeguard and increase their savings and are choosing to buy property as an investment instead.

The mortgages section of our directory covers the entire industry from the big high street lenders through to specialist advice sites where you can find tools to help make this big decision such as a mortgage calculator to find the best mortgage. The most popular mortgages nowadays include the flexible mortgage, the buy to let mortgage, the fixed rate mortgage and the best credit mortgage. Here you can also access specialists that can give mortgage advice on mortgage protection, mortgage repayment and the mortgage and remortgage services and products on offer in the industry. The sector is particularly keen to encourage consumers buying their first home and there are many businesses and specialists out there to help with first time buyer mortgage advice. All any of our members need to do to join this mortgages community is to add URL/Link for their business.