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Payday Loan Lenders
Payday Plus are excellent payday lenders. They offer 1 hour payday loans and short term loans with a decision in seconds.

Early PayDay Loans
Early Payday Loan Ltd is a direct Payday Loan lender (we are not a broker/affiliate). We have been providing payday loans since 2003 to thousands of satisfied customers. It takes just a few minutes to apply for a Payday Loan with us.

Instant Cash Payday Loan Online
Looking for an instant cash payday loan online? HandyCash provide payday loans online for up to 750, transferred the same day with no credit checks.

Same Day Loan
Payday loans up to 1000 with cash paid from lenders in 1 hour. Cash advances with instant approval and MOST APPLICATIONS ACCEPTED! No faxing payday loans and bad credit OK.

Compare Personal Loans
Price comparison site allowing you to search through hundreds of personal loans to find the best price for you.

Payday loans - Cash Advance
Need Cash Now? Apply online for a short term loan from 100 to 500, same day payment available

Personal Loans
It helps you to access a wide variety of loan products such as personal loans, secured loans, secured personal loans, home equity loans etc.

Loans Directory

The UK loan sector is probably one of the most profitable and thriving business sectors in the country. Few of us can go through life without a loan of some type and many of us will turn to a loan company to finance major purchases such as homes or cars. The sector can also help us out with other types of finance that can allow us to improve our homes, develop our businesses or simply tide us over during difficult periods. The good news is that it has never been a better time to take out a loan. The fact that so many people are using loan companies as a source of finance has forced loan providers to be more competitive to get our business. And, the market has opened up in recent years - you no longer have to go to a major loan company for finance but can get it from all types of business such as supermarkets and department stores.

This section of our directory will tell you everything you need to know about loans. Our members work across the whole sector - they can, for example, help you get a personal loan, a secured loan, a home loan, a car loan, an unsecured loan or a bad credit loan. You can also use our directory to get more information before you make a decision on the loan you want. You can, for example, access links to a loan calculator or advisors who can tell you about the best cheap loan on the market. Here, you will also find loan specialists who concentrate on specific parts of the sector - an ideal choice for a business loan, student loan or home improvement loan.