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Land agents specialising in lots of land for sale in the UK, from business to recreation to investment.

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Self build plots and properties for conversion or renovation, are difficult to come by unless you subscribe to PlotSearch. Site contains databases which list land/development opportunities with planning permission! Useful tips and information for self build projects, including searchable database of building plots.

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Plots of land for sale, in and around London, for investment purpose.

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Land Directory UK

Investing in land is the preferred option for many investors in the UK and can even suit everyday individuals with some cash to spare. The housing boom of recent years has helped ensure that the land for sale UK market remains profitable and buoyant. Whilst we have growing housing shortages it seems unlikely that land prices can do anything but continue to rise as land is such a valuable commodity.

In this section of our directory you can find both businesses and individuals that specialise in the land for sale sector. These can include advisors, legal experts and land agents - in fact you'll find various specialists in the plot sale UK community with the relevant expertise to meet any need from a plot of land for sale to land rover for sale to advice on issues such as planning permission. The building land for sale and self build land for sale areas are doing particularly well at the moment. Both developers and individuals are constantly on the look-out for land upon which they can build new homes to meet housing shortages. And, more and more ordinary people are buying a building plot for sale as this helps them compensate for rising house prices. This way, they can build the home of their dreams where they want it at a lower cost than buying a ready built home. The overall decline of the UK farming industry also has a knock-on effect here - it's easier to find an agricultural land sale than it used to be and many farmers are opting to move out of the industry and put up farm land for sale. In some areas even the protected countryside is affected and it's possible to find green belt land for sale.