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There's an inspector gadget in most of us - whether we like to own the latest time-saving kitchen gadget, spy gadget or electrical gadget. The truth is that there are few homes in the UK today that don't contain some sort of gadget such as a portable MP3 player, tiny digital camera, a personal organiser or even an electric potato peeler! Technology has made major strides over recent years and the gadget shop UK community has been able to harness this and gain a major foothold in the retail sector. This has been helped by the fact that many people are earning more than ever before and have more disposable income to play with. Once they have all the essentials in their homes they often choose to spend their spare cash in the gadget shop on the latest cool gadget to play with. The UK gift market has also benefited as more and more of us are opting to give interesting gadgets as presents rather than traditional gifts.

It's no wonder the gadget UK sector is doing so well. The high street gadget store is no longer our only option for the perfect gadget gift, car gadget or electronic gadget to make our lives easier. As the Internet has grown so has the number of sites dedicated to selling and showcasing gadgets for us to buy. In this section of our directory you'll find all types of member of the gadget UK community. This can include online gadget stores, high street retailers and even gadget dedicated advice sites that list and review the newest and most popular gadgets for him, for her and for the kids.