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Despite the decline of the UK automotive production industry over the last few decades the sector remains a major player in UK trade and industry terms. We may be selling the rights to our most well-known cars to foreign companies and closing production plants that make cars down, however we still have a strong role to play in global automotive terms. The automotive industry nowadays is not so much a question of building cars but of specialising in related areas. It is, after all, difficult for us to compete with the costs and prices of other countries with less expensive economies and workforces and the UK has been priced out of the market to a certain extent. However despite this fact the UK still manages to compete in areas such as the automotive accessory and automotive engineering sectors and the automotive tools UK marketplace continues to flourish.

Whilst automotive manufacturers might have seen changes to traditional production and manufacturing products and services the sector of the industry that deals with the general public continues to do really well. With more cars per household than ever before and more of us using our cars on a regular basis the automotive parts and automotive repair sectors are guaranteed a steady income stream. After all we all need services, repairs and upgrades if we are using our cars more regularly. Another growth area is to be found in technology. The UK automotive software industry is well respected on a global basis and continues to innovate and lead in the industry.